About Us

Surfactant and Bioenergy Research Center (SBRC) is one of research center under research and community empowerment agency (LPPM), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). It was established in june 2004 which focusing on biobased surfactants. Furthermore, SBRC take part in bioenergy-related research and development in 2006. To reach their vission to be internationally recognized of excellence on surfactant and bioenergy based on agricultural resources, SBRC IPB held the conference based on biomass utilization. This conference called International Conference on Biomass (ICB).

The 1st ICB was held on 10-11 October 2016 under theme "Technology, Application and Sustainable Development. ". This conference was attended by participants from 19 universities in 5 countries (Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, and USA), 17 research centers, 6 companies, 4 associations (IABEST/IKABI, ABgL, Indonesian Oil Palm Society-MAKSI, Palm Oil Consortium), and 4 government institution. Through this conference, there are 101 title of research was reviewed. Those are divided to 38 abstracts in technology, 26 abstracts in application, and 15 abstracts in ICT and environmental sustainability.

The 2nd ICB was held on 24-25 July 2017 under theme "Sustainable Development of Biomass Utilization for Industrial Applications.". The 2nd ICB was attended by 202 participants from 5 countries (Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, China and USA), 12 research centers, 5 companies, 4 associations (IABEST/IKABI, ABgL, Indonesian Oil Palm Society-MAKSI, Palm Oil Consortium) and 4 government institutions (Indonesia Estate Crop Fund-Oil Palm, Renewable Energy and Conservation-Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education).

The success of the 1st ICB 2016 and 2nd ICB 2017 and the enthusiasm of the participants encourage SBRC IPB to hold the 3rd ICB 2018 with a theme of "Accelerating the Technical Development and Commercialization for Sustainable Bio-based Products and Energy.". The conference will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, 1-2 August 2018 at Salak Tower Hotel, Bogor.Its goal are being a placed to Gather information of biomass utilization development, Iniate biomass utilization stakeholder cooperation, and Socialize biomass utilization's regulatory.